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PERIODIC UPDATES - 2012 Admissions Cycle

Update as of:

Feb 29, 2012:  Applications have been reviewed, the faculty admission committee has collectively discussed each applicant's qualifications and the faculty has invited some applicants to campus for an interview with Admission Committee members.  Applicants selected for interviews have been contacted to schedule their interview date/time.  Interviews are expected to be completed by March 12th. Another update will be posted the week of March 12th.

Feb 18, 2012: Those applicants that the Epi Admission Committee wishes to interview have been notified personally via email or phone.  Other applicants have received letters, via their email service, if the committee decided not to offer them an interview.  There are a couple applicants with outstanding application issues which we will need to contact next week.   We believe we have now contacted all Epi degree applicants regarding the present status of their application.  If you did not receive our notification in the past 24 hours, then please let us know via email at: and we will respond next week.  Sorry for any delays.

Feb 16, 2012:  Applications have been reviewed and the faculty admission committee has collectively discussed applicant qualifications.  At this time,  they have provided some administrative guidance regarding further steps for those of you who have applied.   I hope to let you know the status of your application by Saturday morning since Monday is Presidents' Day Holiday.  There are a lot of you and I will need to contact each of you separately.  Thank you for your patience in waiting for me to contact you with additional information. 

Feb 9, 2012:  Applications are presently being reviewed and the faculty are tentatively scheduled to meet on 2/16/12 to collectively discuss applicant qualifications.  At that time,  they will likely identify a first cohort of applicants to invite to campus for interviews with the Admission Committee members.  Interviews will likely be scheduled for early March.  If you are located out-of-the-area and have existing plans to travel to SoCal for other reasons,  please let us know your travel plans by emailing us at: .

January 20:  All applications have been accounted for and we are in the process of contacting those applicants for additional information which we need to best evaluate them.   Check your online application to see if your application status is "I" for Incomplete.  Those applicants have been contacted by email as to the reason for their applications being labeled "Incomplete".  If your status is marked "Open/Pending",  this is good as it means we have no questions for you at this time and your application is being processed and evaluated in a timely manner.


Congratulations on completing your online application to Graduate Study in Epidemiology at the University of California, Irvine.  We appreciate that you have invested a large amount of time in completing the various elements of your application, including the coordination of Letters of Recommendation as well as obtaining transcripts from your educational institutions of higher learning.  We have received ~ 30 applications for the term beginning Fall, 2012;  it will take some time for our faculty to carefully evaluate and discuss each individual's application so that we may fairly assess your preparation for and fit with our graduate program here in the Department of Epidemiology.

While we recognize that the outcome of this process is of paramount importance to you and inherently stressful,  we would kindly request that you not contact us merely to ask for an update regarding your application.  Rest assured that  if you have received an email with a link to this webpage,  then the application you submitted is being reviewed and we will contact you as soon as we have any information that we can share with you individually.  In the meantime,  we will periodically update the page and section below to give you a sense as to our progress and what you can expect.  If we have questions or need additional information regarding your application in particular, rest assured we will make every effort contact you by email, phone or whatever means necessary.

To iterate some basic information:

1)  There is no quota for admits per se. The faculty is looking to admit the highest caliber of students who are prepared to meet the high standards for graduate studies at the University of California. 

2)  For Fall 2012, we received ~ 20 applications to the Epi PhD program.   Of these, ~50% are typically invited for an on campus interview. We may admit ~3-6 PhD students each year with ~2-3 of those choosing to enroll in our doctoral program at UC Irvine. Since applicants tend to apply to multiple institutions, some fraction of those we admit will choose to enroll in another program that is more convenient for them personally.

3)  For Fall 2012, we received ~ 10 applications to the Epi MS program.  F12 will be the first cohort of MS students the program has admitted.  Consequently, it is impossible to predict how many students might be admitted based on any past experiences.  Rest assured however that we will share with you any information we can when it becomes available.

4) We have emailed all applicants regarding any paper documents we have received in support of their application. In contrast, all supporting electronic documents submitted to UC Irvine  online can be viewed by accessing the university’s online tracking system   

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during this important process.

All the best,

DeWayne Green| School of Medicine
University of California, Irvine
224 Irvine Hall, School of Medicine   92697-7550

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