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Class of 2018 »

Daniel Nuyujukian, PhD

Dissertation title: Sleep duration and cardiometabolic outcomes in American Indians and Alaska Natives and other race/ethnicities

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Teofilia Acheampong, PhD

Dissertation title: The Multi-Systemic Biological Risk Index and Associations with, Discrimination, Cancer Mortality and All-Cause Mortality 

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Clara Ziadeh, PhD

Dissertation title: Cancer characteristics in different generations of Middle Eastern immigrants compared to Non-Hispanic Whites in California

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Kristin Hirahatake, PhD, MS, RD

Dissertation title: Dietary Patterns and Cardiometabolic Disease Risk

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John Schomberg, PhD

Dissertation title: Determinants of Health in Oral Cancer Patients by Treatment and Transcriptome

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Avital Fischer, PhD

Dissertation title: Life Events, Stress Perception and Breast Cancer Risk in the Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Study of Orange County, CA

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Farheen Faruk, MS

Thesis title: Risk Factors for Cardiometabolic Disease among Pacific Islanders in California: Results from the California Health Interview Survey

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Class of 2017 »
Andrew Liem, MS

Thesis title: Assessing Gene-by-Smoking Interactions on Hearing Loss in Japanese Americans: A Candidate Gene Study

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Class of 2016 »

Citadel Jungco Cabasag, PhD

Dissertation title: Cancer Risks in Shipyard Workers Exposed to Asbestos and Welding Fumes

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Class of 2015 »

John Schomberg, MS

Dissertation title: An Epidemiologic Approach for Using Social Media in Health Interventions

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Allison Bottom, MS

Dissertation title: Adolescent and Young Adult Melanoma in California: The effect of access to care and race/ethnicity on incidence and survival

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Vikram Haridass, MS

Dissertation title: Diet Quality Scores and Risk of Incident Breast Cancer in the California Teachers Study

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Class of 2014 »

Amanda Blithe Hawkins, MS

Dissertation title: Influence of race/ethnicity and measures of healthcare access on the incidence, stage at diagnosis, and survival of rare gynecologic cancers in California women

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